Working with some of the world’s top skin care chemists, Frankie has formulated a new organic based skin care system, which leverages her unique hands-on insights, and combines the latest discoveries in skin preservation, and restoration science. Her system, known in the industry as FP Skin, is designed to provide superior results for the most discriminating individual. FP Skin balances the highest quality, natural organically derived ingredients, hand selected for superior efficacy, with cutting edge science, to deliver a simple daily routine, that has become the secret sauce that Frankie and her clients have proven to provide superior star quality results.  

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About Francesca Paige

Francesca “Frankie” Paige, has built a reputation as the go-to girl for professional skin care with the reigning elite in the entertainment industry. Working out of a clinical office in the heart of Beverly Hills, her typical client is competing in a business that celebrates, and rewards youth. These individuals are making a living with their faces and come to Frankie seeking career impacting results…

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"Recently, I have started using Frankie's Restore Cream. Knowing how sensitive my skin is, she recommended I start with once a day just to see how my skin felt. Within two days, I started to notice that my skin's texture was improving. The little bumps were starting to go away and my skin looked as though I had pumped it with moisture!  I started using it twice a day, and within weeks, I couldn't believe how many compliments I was getting. Friends were saying I was glowing. There was no change in my regime except for adding 'Restore'. I love LOVE this product!"
Kit Rich
"The Blemish Fighting Factor (BFF) is my skin’s best friend forever! Truly, I have never used a skin product that is so effective. I don’t have bad acne, but I get an occasional giant cyst on my face that is impossible to hide. When I put the BFF on a newly developing cyst or pimple, it keeps it from getting worse and quickly calms the inflammation that has already occurred. It is amazing…I’ve never had pimples heal this quickly. I will be buying this product for all of my girlfriends because it just wouldn’t be fair to keep this beauty secret to myself!"
Claudia Kernan